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The Umbrella Boy – A Retiree’s Tale of Summer on the Beach

Was this REALLY how it was going to end? It was the last day of summer after all, my last day of an amazing summer, and my last day working on the beach as an umbrella boy. It was a sunless blustery day with only the most resolved beach goers venturing out! Maybe it was …more

The Case of the Missing iPhone

There was a time when I owned nothing that started with the letter “I”. My first actual iPhone sighting happened innocently enough at a sporting goods store some years ago. While I stopped to look at some over-sized fish in the aquarium which was located in the center of the store, a movement to my …more

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Another Year: Another Memorial Day

Green! That is what I remember most about that day; the vastness of the empty space, the long trudge to the grave site, and the green lawn sprawling out in all directions. What a lonely place, I remember thinking, for my grandfather to be laid to rest. I was seventeen years old and had just …more

A Retirement Adventure

The wheels started turning in our patio one evening after my wife Jane and I returned from a trip to Atlantic City. Sitting there enjoying the August evening in Wausau, Wisconsin, my thoughts were about the next week when I had to return to work. After awhile I broke the peaceful silence and announced “I …more

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What Did You Love to Do When You Were 10?

Why is this a critical question? It, and others like it, can help you shape a meaningful retirement life plan. Here’s how. In my previous post, I suggested there were three P’s to prepare for a successful retirement, Plan, Practice, and Partner. Let me suggest another—Passions. As we did our research to understand what constitutes …more

Vietnam – The Forgotten Cemetery

“Vietnam was what we had instead of happy childhoods”. (MICHAEL HERR) Editor’s Note: The following is a post about one man’s journey for answers about life, death, love and war. Although lengthy we believe it is well worth reading the entire post. When I was a child growing-up in my native Edinburgh during the late …more

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Put Yellowstone on Your Bucket List

I first started going there when I was about four or five years old. Way early in the morning while it was still dark, my grandma would load up a cooler with Shasta pop and bologna sandwiches and put them in the trunk of the car. She would make sure there were plenty of blankets …more

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Two Days at Nikko and Hidden Kinugawa

The rainy season has come to a close bringing with it the hot and humid air. The past few days in Yokohama had been almost unbearable. I had to cut my daily walking in half and even in the early morning my clothes were soaked within the first few minutes. The temperature is now exceeding …more

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