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Fiduciaries and Due Diligence

Many people don’t have a comprehensive understanding of the role and responsibility of a fiduciary. Hopefully, this post will bring clarity to you, the beneficiaries of the fiduciary, while shining a spotlight on those that hold themselves out as a fiduciary but are not. Representing the insurance component, I work with many different professionals and …more

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Taking Calculated Steps Towards Retirement

Retirement doesn’t mark the end of a professional career but rather the beginning of an important life event. Retirement planning is critical to ensure a comfortable retirement, both financially and personally. It is an extensive process and managing it will be an ongoing responsibility that has to be carried out after the retirement as well. …more

Tips for Online Safety

I attended an online security conference this week and there were several workshops that included information that I thought may be of interest. The Basics Routers – if use a router in your home to wirelessly connect one or more PCs, tablets, mobile devices, etc. make sure that it is secure. Every router has an …more

Phased Retirement is a Win-Win for the Employee and the Organization

Are you lurking around this site even though you are not retired yet? Or maybe your spouse is not retired yet but you wish she were. Retirement is not the easiest concept to wrap our minds around, especially when it feels like falling off a cliff. Unfortunately, most companies today are not in tune with …more

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Where there’s a Will…

Several of our friends have died this year. It comes to us all eventually; death, that is. As the old adage goes, ‘the two certainties in life are death and taxation’, and the death of family and close friends certainly concentrates the mind. Without being too morbid about the issue, I guess the only way …more

Medicaid and Life Estates

Life estates have historically been used as part of Medicaid planning. A life estate can be described as a form of co-ownership of property between a “life tenant” and a “remainderman.” To own a life estate means the person, referred to as the life tenant, has the right to the use and possession of the …more

Probate 101

Many individuals don’t quite understand what the term “probate” means, but they have a notion that “probate” is something that they should avoid. Avoiding probate is not always a good idea depending on the circumstances of the matter. Probate is the legal process by which assets of a deceased individual are distributed either according to …more

A Cautionary Tale… Protect Your Hard Earned Money

While many may not have the resources that Mr. Blum (below) had the rules about protecting your money still apply. In the land of opportunity, many people have “made it” and made it big. Mr. Roman Blum did just that. However, having amassed close to 40 million dollars, he died last year at the age …more

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