Best Retirement Locations in the United States

U.S. retirement locations

The following ten locations represent a selection of the best retirement destinations in the United States. We chose locations that provide a variety of retirement features including great recreation options, art and culture, festivals, nightlife, historic sites, good healthcare and low to moderate taxes.


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Many options exist in selecting a retirement location in the West from the Pacific Ocean to the mountains to the desert areas. The diversity of neighborhoods ranges from quaint village charm to sophisticated city living. Outdoor activities include boating, swimming and fishing off the beaches to skiing and hiking in the mountains.
Living in northern California’s wine country offers retirees a blend of historic districts; world-renowned wineries, contemporary architecture and world-class restaurants coupled with clean air and almost perfect weather.
For those looking for an active retirement in small towns, the Northwest offers a mild climate and year-round recreation activities including skiing, hiking, fishing, golfing, kayaking and biking In addition great restaurants, cafes, shops, bookstores and great medical facilities assure retirees that they will not miss out on anything available in larger cities.
A great climate, history, culture and art, annual festivals and great cuisines are all reasons to retire in the South and Southwest. The selection of retirement locations includes small towns to moderate sized cities offering music festivals, cultural events, parks, museums, historical districts, great restaurants and universities for continuing education. In addition to spectacular views many of these locations offer a variety of outdoor activities including boating, fishing, skiing, hiking and biking.
While costs may be somewhat higher the North and Northeast locations offer four season climates for year round outdoor activities and a wealth of cultural events, museums, first-class educational facilities, and local and national sports teams. In addition the proximity to world-renowned restaurants and shows make these locations attractive to many people.
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Best US Retirement locations

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