The transition from full time employment to retirement can be difficult for some people. The answer may be part-time employment to phase down to full retirement over a prolonged period.
There are several other reasons why part time employment may make sense including:

  • maintaining skills in your area of expertise, staying mentally sharp.
  • maintaining both work and related social contacts which may also help your health.
  • additional income for expenses or savings.
  • increasing future Social Security payments by beginning to draw no sooner than full retirement age or even later.
  • working in a another area of interest that was not feasible while fully employed.

Finding Opportunities
Finding a part time job is similar to finding full time employment. You have to be resourceful, pro-active and use your skills. Use the following as a guideline:

  • Contact former employers and clients to alert them that you are available. Since these contacts know your skill set they are most likely to hire you if they have an opportunity.
  • Contact your network of co-workers or members of any professional organizations where you have memberships
  • Use your extended network of family and friends
  • Use various job boards. provides search facilities for government jobs while several other boards provide job listings at both private sector corporations and non-profits. Links to some of these search sites can be found here under the Part Time Work menu.

Studies indicate that over the next 5-10 years there will be labor shortages which present opportunities for retirees. Employers may look for the stability, reliability and expertise that older workers can offer a company. Typically part time employment does not offer medical coverage. The fact that Medicare benefits begin at 65 is an added incentive for employers to hire older employees.
Expected growth in healthcare, education, social service organizations, government agencies and various business enterprises are the areas to pursue for part time or temporary work.
Check out part time opportunities in the private sector and with the government.