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I joined the club

I have always believed in intuition and never more than on January 19, 2021. A day I will remember forever. Suddenly awake, covered with sweat, tears running down my cheeks, it was 2 a.m. I had dreamed that I had breast cancer and I was going to die. It was as if I was standing …more

The Right To Be Sad

I have always believed that if you’re sad you must allow yourself to express those feelings because denying them the more they grow. Remember how we all used to sob watching the Hallmark commercials? That was acceptable back then. We used to do that as a family and the commercials touched us individually. Sadness is …more

Where’s My Shot?

My head was spinning with information—and misinformation—about Covid-19 vaccinations coming by way of emails, media reports and conversations with friends and family. Sign up? Don’t sign up yet? Why can’t I sign up? Why was my sign-up canceled? Every time I checked my phone, there seemed to be another round of confusing and sometimes conflicting …more

Virtual Supportive Cancer Care: A Silver Lining for Cancer Care in the COVID Pandemic?

Cancer care today is markedly different than what it was before the COVID pandemic. Some changes in cancer care, from lower numbers of screening tests like mammograms through alterations in how treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are done, garner a good deal of attention in news and social media. Changes to supportive care, a …more

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Revisiting Mount Saint Helens 56 years later

Thousands of us boomers were fortunate enough to grow up in the Pacific Northwest. We became passionate about the forests, trails and mountains here. There was always that one talisman – Mt Saint Helens, with its near perfect snow and glacier covered cone beckoning budding mountaineers. Early explorers labeled it the ‘Fuji Of The Cascades’ …more

Fitness – Fabulous in Your Fifties and Beyond!

You know, life is a funny thing. The younger version of myself would never have imagined starting a fitness program in my fifties. Working out was for the young right? I was unsure about joining a gym for fear of being the oldest one there, or of being told I was too old to start …more

Masking Up

I hate to say it but yes, I hate wearing a mask. Wearing glasses steams them up causing me to look at things in a distorted manner as my eyes water. I have begun feeling my way through the grocery store identifying products by shapes and colors because I can’t make out what they are. …more

The Value of Life

There has been so much conversation, especially in foreign countries, about the value of the life of a person over 65. What is lacking within us that we can so casually discuss the disposability of the elderly? It is so incredibly sad that there are people out there who think that being older would dictate …more

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