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Three Days in Hong Kong and Macau

Every once in a awhile we receive promotional airfares that at too good to pass up. Back in September Jet Star offered round trips from Tokyo to Hong Kong for only $200. We booked a three-day trip during the fall season when the heat and humidity were manageable. The flight time is around four hours …more

Noto Peninsula a must see on your Japan trip

Now is the time to Visit Japan, especially Noto Peninsula A January 6th article in the New York Times about where Americans would like to travel in 2015, listed Japan tied in 10th place. Two weeks later the Japan Times (Which is part of the New York Times publishing group) wrote about why foreigners do …more

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Two Days at Nikko and Hidden Kinugawa

The rainy season has come to a close bringing with it the hot and humid air. The past few days in Yokohama had been almost unbearable. I had to cut my daily walking in half and even in the early morning my clothes were soaked within the first few minutes. The temperature is now exceeding …more

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Cherry Blossom Season Japan

Sakura – Cherry Blossoms – Japan 2015 The end of March begins the Cherry Blossom season throughout Japan. (Okinawa starts in January) The blossoms are spectacular and only last for a few days. This is our windy rainy season and not long after the blossoms appear the wind creates a beautiful flowering carpet along the …more

Exploring Nagoya – Ise and Inuyama

For our sixth anniversary we booked a very inexpensive trip to Nagoya the fourth largest city in Japan. It is only 1 hour and 40 minutes by bullet train from Shin-Yokohama. Nagoya is an industrial city and provides a large portion of Japan’s economy. It is home to Toyota, Mitsubishi Aircraft, Marukawa Confectionery Company, ceramics …more

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Christmas in Japan

No Japan is not a Christian country, however, you would not know that during the holiday season. Everywhere you go there is wonderful Christmas music playing in the stores, and colorful decorations everywhere. Only 1 percent of the population is Christian. Way back in the 1500’s there was a large Christian population in Nagasaki and …more

Consider Chile

One of our frequent flyer programs was about to change and become very costly. We decided to cash in some miles, and take a trip to South America. Originally, we wanted to visit Columbia, but the current State Department Safety Warnings were enough to try someplace else. On our bucket list was Uruguay, but for …more

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Retiring in Yokohama Japan

As I entered my early sixties we began to search for a compatible place to retire. My wife worked as a volunteer for several years in Costa Rica and that was the logical place to begin. After four trips it became apparent this beautiful country did not meet all our expectations. Next we traveled to …more

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