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September 11th

Names! There were so many names. My eyes scanned the sea of names etched in stone in front of me. The sound of falling water permeated my surroundings as my fingers slowly traced over the letters on the smooth surface. I could feel the warm July sun on my back as I pulled my eyes …more

The Art of Listening

The coffee went down like silk. The warm, creamy colored liquid swirled around in my cup as I sat it down on the table beside me. Leaning back in my chair I was struck by the bright morning sky. It was a beautiful vibrant day. The kind of day that makes you glad to be …more

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Eclipsed by the Eclipse

One of the advantages of being retired is that whenever a noteworthy event comes along during normal working hours, i.e. an inauguration speech, a MLB playoff game, or (ta da) an eclipse, we seniors are generally free to watch it at our leisure. Such was the case this week at our little fifty-five and over …more

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My Date with the Roman Colosseum

Sitting in my seat about halfway down the aisle I could feel the bus slow down and move over to the curb. I pulled my eyes away from the book I was reading and glanced out of the tinted window to my right. Just a few feet from my face, on the other side of …more

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Observations of a Retired Person

Just got through driving nearly a thousand miles. It was a long journey over remote desert and isolated countryside. It’s a trip we take every spring and fall. Being a snowbird requires it. On the road there is a lot of time to think. Long stretches of bleak landscape and miles of open road does …more

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Spring Training Makes Me Young Again

When I was a little boy my hero was Mickey Mantle. In those days, CBS owned the New York Yankees and the only game on TV was the Saturday Game of the Week featuring the Yankees and whatever hapless team they might be playing at the time. Whenever I could, I would spend Saturday afternoons …more

All I Got for Christmas Was a Colonoscopy

Christmas has come and gone. The presents have long been stored away in a closet or taken back to the store and returned. The last of the Christmas cookies and candy have disappeared and the decorations are safe in their boxes for another year. While it is already well into January as I write this, …more

The Case of the Missing iPhone

There was a time when I owned nothing that started with the letter “I”. My first actual iPhone sighting happened innocently enough at a sporting goods store some years ago. While I stopped to look at some over-sized fish in the aquarium which was located in the center of the store, a movement to my …more

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