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Taking Calculated Steps Towards Retirement

Retirement doesn’t mark the end of a professional career but rather the beginning of an important life event. Retirement planning is critical to ensure a comfortable retirement, both financially and personally. It is an extensive process and managing it will be an ongoing responsibility that has to be carried out after the retirement as well. …more

10 Suggestions to Avoid Retirement Planning Mistakes

Statistics show that women live longer than men, on the average 8-10 years longer and 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Being prepared to manage finances wisely is essential particularly when it comes to retirement. Unfortunately many make mistakes when planning for retirement and women tend to be less prepared than men. While many …more

Phased Retirement is a Win-Win for the Employee and the Organization

Are you lurking around this site even though you are not retired yet? Or maybe your spouse is not retired yet but you wish she were. Retirement is not the easiest concept to wrap our minds around, especially when it feels like falling off a cliff. Unfortunately, most companies today are not in tune with …more

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Medicaid and Life Estates

Life estates have historically been used as part of Medicaid planning. A life estate can be described as a form of co-ownership of property between a “life tenant” and a “remainderman.” To own a life estate means the person, referred to as the life tenant, has the right to the use and possession of the …more

How Old Are You? Dates to Remember

There are some important milestones to remember as you age especially the ones related to Social Security, Retirement Savings and Medicare. Here are some to keep in mind: Age 50 or over Individuals who are age 50 or over at the end of the calendar year can make annual catch-up contributions to their retirement accounts. …more

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Things you may not know about Long Term Care

A friend of mine suggested that I look into long term care and consider buying a policy now since it will probably be cheaper than if I wait until I retire (which could be any day now). Here are some of the things I found out. Typically Medicare does not pay for Long Term Care …more

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Medicare 101

Most people understand that they can enroll in Medicare at age 65, but beyond that our nation’s health insurance program for seniors is a mystery. Navigating the Medicare waters can be stressful because there isn’t any frame of reference for it unless you’ve had prior experience helping a parent or a friend. Fortunately, Medicare can …more

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