Best Retirement Locations overseas

International retirement locations

The following ten locations represent a selection of the best retirement destinations abroad. We chose locations that provide a variety of retirement features including great recreation options, art and culture, festivals, nightlife, historic sites, good healthcare and low to moderate taxes.


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Some Central and South America areas can provide a relatively inexpensive retirement. Many of these locations have much to offer and are considered to be centers of art and culture. Charming old world streets, architecture, churches, artisans producing ceramics, jewelry and clothing, cafes and museums make these ideal retirement locations for culture lovers.
Retirement locations range from moderate sized cities to small but vibrant towns. Some provide celebrations each year including flower, coffee and music festivals. Central America’s amazing terrain, spectacular rain forest, volcanoes, lakes and wildlife provide for great hiking, biking, boating, fishing and other outdoors experiences.
While some beach locations provide more expensive retirement options they include areas known for amazing coral reefs and eco-systems that include hundreds of plant and animal species. Beautiful palm trees, beaches and sunsets provide for spectacular every day living.
While many areas in Europe offer more expensive retirement locations than Central or South America they provide a choice of excellent food and wine and spectacular scenery including breathtaking Renaissance landscapes – mountains, small villages and well-known beaches. Locations range from large cosmopolitan cities providing exquisite architecture, museums, galleries, music and the arts to small villages providing the quiet rural life.
Asian retirement locations include beautiful beaches, steep mountains and lush tropical valleys. Vibrant cultures resulting from many historical changes in the region and friendly people make these locations ideal retirement destinations. Outdoor activities include swimming, boating, hiking, biking and more. Living costs range from inexpensive to moderate.
Down Under may be the place to retire when looking for spectacular outdoor adventures. A four-season activity area that offers hiking, biking, golfing, skiing, snow shoeing, swimming, boating, skydiving and much more. Festivals, art and culture and first-rate restaurants provide for a retirement with class.
Many locations in Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Down Under offer good to excellent healthcare options.
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International retirement locations

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