The latest top selling paperback nonfiction books from Indie Bound
April 22nd, 2024

by David Grann (Vintage, ISBN: 9780593470831); Last week: 1; Weeks on List: 27 "Grann's twisting and haunting true-life murder mystery about one of the most monstrous crimes in American history."
Author: David Grann
by Matthew Desmond (Crown, ISBN: 9780593239933); Last week: 2; Weeks on List: 3 "Elegantly written and fiercely argued, this compassionate book gives us new ways of thinking about a morally urgent problem. It also helps us imagine solutions. Desmond builds a startlingly original and ambitious case for ending poverty."
Author: Matthew Desmond
by Robin Wall Kimmerer (Milkweed Editions, ISBN: 9781571313560); Last week: 3; Weeks on List: * "Drawing on her life as an Indigenous scientist, and as a woman, Kimmerer shows how other living beings offer us gifts and lessons, even if we've forgotten how to hear their voices."
Author: Robin Wall Kimmerer
by Rashid Khalidi (Metropolitan Books, ISBN: 9781250787651); Last week: 4; Weeks on List: 25 "A history of one hundred years of war waged against the Palestinians from the foremost US historian of the Middle East, told through pivotal events and family history."
Author: Rashid Khalidi
by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. (Penguin, ISBN: 9780143127741); Last week: 6; Weeks on List: * "van der Kolk transforms our understanding of trauma and offers a bold new paradigm for healing."
Author: Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.
by bell hooks (Morrow, ISBN: 9780060959470); Last week: 5; Weeks on List: * "All About Love is a revelation about what causes a polarized society and how to heal the divisions that cause suffering."
Author: bell hooks
by Michelle Zauner (Vintage, ISBN: 9781984898951); Last week: 7; Weeks on List: * "From the indie rock star of Japanese Breakfast, an unflinching, powerful memoir about growing up Korean American, losing her mother, and forging her own identity."
Author: Michelle Zauner
by Dolly Alderton (Harper Perennial, ISBN: 9780062968791); Last week: 8; Weeks on List: 19 "A wildly funny, occasionally heartbreaking memoir about growing up, growing older, and learning to navigate friendships, jobs, loss, and love along the ride. Now streaming on Peacock."
Author: Dolly Alderton
by Daniel James Brown (Penguin, ISBN: 9780593512302); Last week: 9; Weeks on List: * "Brown tells the dramatic story of the American rowing team that stunned the world at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Now a major motion picture."
Author: Daniel James Brown
by Adam Grant (Penguin, ISBN: 9781984878120); Last week: 10; Weeks on List: 12 "Grant examines the critical art of rethinking: learning to question your opinions and open other people's minds, which can position you for excellence at work and wisdom in life."
Author: Adam Grant