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A Retirement Fishing Tale

Several years ago my old high school buddy, Al (Class of ’58 – yeah, I mean old!), drove down from Oregon to go fishing with me. Our plans included a visit to the Delta for a couple of days to get him onto a big ol’ sturgeon. We towed the boat with the motorhome and …more

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Becoming An Artist In Retirement

As a child I was given art lessons by my parents and lots of encouragement too. I remember vividly when they took me to see modern art at the museums in New York. When I was about 10 years old, they took me to an art supply store in Greenwich Village and bought me a …more

Seven Tips for Older Entrepreneurs

Thinking of joining the ranks of boomer entrepreneurs? You’re in good company. Some of the world’s best-known products and companies had creators who were late bloomers. Sam Walton opened his first Walmart when he was 44 years old. Ray Kroc started McDonald’s in his 50s. Colonel Harland Sanders was in his 60s when Kentucky Fried …more

Our Softball Family: Playing Senior Softball for Fun and Health

On the day my oncologist told us I was in complete remission after treatment for my lymphoma, my wife turned to me and said, “Do you think you could have done this without softball?” There is no way to answer that question with certainty, but there are some things I do know. In the struggle …more

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Alaskan Bush Pilot Screws Up Big Time! That Would Be Me!

I applied sufficient power and began the careful, slow rough taxi to the very end of the short, remote gravel bar about 100 miles west of Anchorage, Alaska. The airplane lurched and staggered over softball-sized rocks as I slowly picked my way along. While the main landing gear was quite sturdy, the small tailwheel in …more

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Super Bowl in My Backyard

The tension in the room was palpable. Game on the line, just under a minute to go, second and goal at the one. The Seattle Seahawks one yard away from securing their second consecutive Super Bowl championship. All eyes were on the big screen TV at the end of the room. Most were sitting on …more

Writing After Retirement

“Live first, write afterwards.” “If I Only Knew….” Glimpses & Reflections John Galsworthy 1937 London, Toronto William Heineman Multitasking and mobile technology, efforts to save time and get more work done, don’t leave much time to mull things over which is crucial for writers: we need time to daydream, drive without talking on phones. I’ve …more

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The Spirit of 76

My motivation for writing, producing and narrating a documentary on the history of the United States of America was simple. In a survey of graduates from a high school (I can’t remember which one), over 50% of those interviewed believed during World War II, America & Germany were allies against Russia. They missed several other …more

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