Author: Don Murray

Alaskan Bush Pilot Screws Up Big Time! That Would Be Me!

I applied sufficient power and began the careful, slow rough taxi to the very end of the short, remote gravel bar about 100 miles west of Anchorage, Alaska. The airplane lurched and staggered over softball-sized rocks as I slowly picked my way along. While the main landing gear was quite sturdy, the small tailwheel in …more

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We Are Not Trees…It’s Okay to Move!

So here’s the thing! I have shallow roots. In fact, I work to maintain shallow roots. I’m pretty sure it started when I was a child; forced to move many, many times as part of a horribly dysfunctional family with two alcoholic parents. I can’t even remember how many elementary schools I attended. I think …more

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Ecuador…Retirement Gem With a Lot of Sparkle

Let’s just imagine for a minute that you are among a large number of folks whose retirement planning didn’t go as well as you’d hoped. Perhaps your 401K under-performed or your pension fund collapsed or was raided. Maybe your home equity vanished when the economy tanked and you had some hefty medical bills that punched …more

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