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Circumnavigating Eastern North America by Boat

Buying a motor yacht and planning to circumnavigate Eastern North America with little or no experience with boats is a little wacky. Our first and only real boating experience a few years earlier had been chartering a thirty-foot faux tug and cruising through the Trent-Severn Waterway in Ontario, Canada, with Eva’s sister, Lelia, and her …more

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Cycling Across America: 11 Weeks, 10 States, 3,065 Miles

Cycling from Yorktown, VA to Washington State began as a fund-raiser for my non-profit organization, the Senior Retirement Project which provides in-home mental health counseling to seniors and their adult care givers. Emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, or feelings of being overwhelmed are not related to aging itself, rather, as one age’s challenging life …more

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Genealogy: Your Ancestor Shot and Killed My Ancestor!

Many people think of genealogy as names and dates, which it is. But it can be so much more! Our ancestors lived through difficult times and under circumstances hard to imagine. They made good and bad decisions, had successes and failures, experienced love and heartbreak, and had moments of joyous pride and numbing shame. They …more

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The Benefits and Joy of Art for Seniors

First of all let me say, Art is FUN! Not only is it fun, but I find in my classes that people enjoy getting together and doing art, sometimes creating lifelong friends. Most of my students are seniors, from 50 to 98. It’s funny, ages begin to blur when you have things like art in …more

Touching people’s lives through the radio

HCRK are the call letters for Holly Creek Radio, a closed circuit broadcast at the Holly Creek Retirement Community in Centennial, Colorado. HRCK provides music, live programming and daily community updates to all 300 residents in our community. The average age of our residents is 82 and that defines the type of music we play. …more

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Pickleball. No you can’t eat it.

A few months ago I had lunch with a friend at a local deli and he asked me what I thought of Pickleball. I told him I like dill pickles, sour pickles and even pickled herring but never heard of pickleball. He laughed. Pickleball is not the latest deli delicacy but a game that seems …more

When Turning 60 Includes Backpacking 360 Miles

Turning 60 is a big deal, right. It is one of those life stages where looking backward becomes easier than looking forward. My father was 60 when he first started telling me about his boyhood days growing up on a farm near Redding, Iowa. I heard a lot about the farm over the next thirty …more

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Baseball Season

Play ball! The season is underway again. Growing up, I was pretty good at baseball in our backyard if I could get by our dog, Lassie. When I was 9 or 10 years old, playing baseball on a borrowed high school diamond, I longed for our backyard. I was always sent to right field to …more

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