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Hope Springs Eternal (For Me and the Cubs)

Section 107, Row 23, Seats 22 & 23. There they were! Sitting on my desk in two neat folders. Two sets of fifteen tickets. Each in three gleaming, colorful perforated sheets. It was exhilarating to see them there … next to a pile of bills, a couple of pieces of scratch paper with some scribbling …more

Prehab: We’re Going to Need It

The inevitable came to pass for me in 2013. After struggling with arthritis in my hips for over a decade, it was finally time to replace them, which I did, one at a time. So that was the bad news. There were three pieces of good news. The surgeries and rehabs went well—I was immediately …more

What Did You Love to Do When You Were 10?

Why is this a critical question? It, and others like it, can help you shape a meaningful retirement life plan. Here’s how. In my previous post, I suggested there were three P’s to prepare for a successful retirement, Plan, Practice, and Partner. Let me suggest another—Passions. As we did our research to understand what constitutes …more

Our Softball Family: Playing Senior Softball for Fun and Health

On the day my oncologist told us I was in complete remission after treatment for my lymphoma, my wife turned to me and said, “Do you think you could have done this without softball?” There is no way to answer that question with certainty, but there are some things I do know. In the struggle …more

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The Truth About Aging

I’ve long believed there must be some kernel of truth in any saying or aphorisms that we use to punctuate our conversations and read from authors and others. In an aging society, I’m particularly conscious of the sayings we use to describe old age. Some of those sayings take a bit of examination to find …more

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Why I’m Not in Boston

I hate the snow! Didn’t used to be this way. In my former life, that is my life away from Arizona, winter weather and all the inconveniences that go with it were just part of the deal. We didn’t know any different. Every fall, just as soon as that familiar chill was felt in the …more

Go Granny Go!

I always thought I was a good mom. I attended every teacher/parent conference; endured freezing cold, blistering hot, and life-threatening thunderstorms just to watch soccer/baseball games; stayed up all hours of the night finishing last-minute (they said) homework projects; and did all other ups and downs a parent is supposed to do.  I adored my …more

Volunteer in Jail

The walls are concrete. So are the floors. The halls echo. At noon, the aroma of spaghetti and boiled green beans floats in with a rolling cart. When our children headed off to start their own lives, I was left pretty kid-hungry. One day, the paper featured a woman in her late seventies who taught …more

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