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Retiring in Yokohama Japan

As I entered my early sixties we began to search for a compatible place to retire. My wife worked as a volunteer for several years in Costa Rica and that was the logical place to begin. After four trips it became apparent this beautiful country did not meet all our expectations. Next we traveled to …more

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Spring Training and the Ruthian

My friend sat before us like a sentinel guarding an important event. He was like I had always remembered him, regal, majestic, exuding an air of superiority as if he really knew that he belonged in this time and in this place. In fact, he truly did. March was his time to shine. It had …more

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So what’s so great about Medellin, Colombia?

Last weekend as Beatriz and I left our apartment at about 11 AM we both stopped, looked at each other and agreed that we were astonished once again by the beauty of the place and the wonderful weather. When I taught meteorology at the university in the States we gave a definition of Weather as …more

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The New Retirement Lifestyle: Minimalizing

My third wife and I lived in Paso Robles, California, during the last 7 years of our 13-year marriage. I had been commuting the 215 miles to West Los Angeles once a week, spending three or four days in Paso Robles and three or four in Los Angeles. In L.A., I stayed in the spare …more

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What’s it like to live and retire in Cancun, Mexico

We have been living in Cancun for 6 years. We moved here permanently after we retired from our jobs in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. We had vacationed in Cancun repeatedly since 2001 so we knew the area. The attractions here are many: The weather, the culture, clean air, the wonderful Caribbean sea and the …more

Daily Snapshot – News

: Latest Weather, Headlines and Sports. The Weather Major Cities Click for the latest National Weather Service report Headlines click for additional details on the above CBC Headlines Sports Baseball Click for additional baseball news Basketball Click for additional basketball news Football Click for additional football news Hockey Click for additional hockey news Golf Click …more

For many of us

For many of us, approaching retirement after years working in Corporate America makes us yearn for doing our own thing. As boomers, we’re torn. Traditional retirement looms out there, but really isn’t for us. A backbreaking sprint of 30 plus years to suddenly stop and do nothing seems dumb. The thought of moving south, playing …more

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Financial Statements

Investing Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Financial Statements If you can read a nutrition label or a baseball box score, you can learn to read basic financial statements. If you can follow a recipe or apply for a loan, you can learn basic accounting. The basics aren’t difficult and they aren’t rocket science. This following …more

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