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Baseball Season

Play ball! The season is underway again. Growing up, I was pretty good at baseball in our backyard if I could get by our dog, Lassie. When I was 9 or 10 years old, playing baseball on a borrowed high school diamond, I longed for our backyard. I was always sent to right field to …more


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Spring Training Makes Me Young Again

When I was a little boy my hero was Mickey Mantle. In those days, CBS owned the New York Yankees and the only game on TV was the Saturday Game of the Week featuring the Yankees and whatever hapless team they might be playing at the time. Whenever I could, I would spend Saturday afternoons …more

Relentless Pursuit

I have been asked to speak to a group of aspiring authors about lessons I have learned since I began my writing journey over a decade ago. The mistakes made and a few successes while researching, writing, publishing, and marketing five books, four nonfiction and one novel, have taught me a lot. And I have …more

Movie Night – My Fascination With Movies Since I Was a Boy

Growing up in a small town in Nebraska, there were only two things to do on the weekends: play baseball and go to the movies. I enjoyed both, so I kept busy each weekend. When baseball season was over the movies were available from 1 p.m. to late at night. It was not unusual to …more

Act III of IV: Time to reinvent yourself

So here’s the thing about retirement. Somehow in thinking about it when I was still working I saw it as a monolith; just as work had meant a steady plan of start/stop times and work days vs weekends, retirement would also have an ongoing, solid shape and direction. But it doesn’t. It has been a …more

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Another Year: Another Memorial Day

Green! That is what I remember most about that day; the vastness of the empty space, the long trudge to the grave site, and the green lawn sprawling out in all directions. What a lonely place, I remember thinking, for my grandfather to be laid to rest. I was seventeen years old and had just …more

Batman, Superman, and Matthew

I love the movies! Ever since I was a boy growing up in our small farming town in Southeastern Idaho, I’ve been enthralled with the big screen. My mother would drop me off at our local theater on Friday nights with a quarter in my pocket; 20 cents for the movie ticket and a nickel …more

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