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Go Granny Go!

I always thought I was a good mom. I attended every teacher/parent conference; endured freezing cold, blistering hot, and life-threatening thunderstorms just to watch soccer/baseball games; stayed up all hours of the night finishing last-minute (they said) homework projects; and did all other ups and downs a parent is supposed to do.  I adored my …more

Retirement is a 10-Letter Word

Surfing the television the other night, I came across a quite entertaining program — one of those behind-the-scenes pieces on the making of a current hit movie. I snuggled in my oversized chair and listened as cast and crew glowed about the setting, the camaraderie, and the overwhelming feeling of family that pervaded the movie …more

The Sharpest Tool in the Shed

I hate it when people say that many middle-aged people “aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.” It’s condescending, insulting, naive and just plain wrong. What I hate even more, though, is being one of those dull tools. Alas, there are times when I feel I’m struggling to stay in the shed, period.  This morning was a …more

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Ten Ways To…

These days there are lists after lists of what you should be doing to live longer, make it to retirement, feel better, and all of that. Take a look online or in magazines. 10 ways to do everything faster. 10 ways to plan for retirement. 10 ways to feel younger. How did we ever exist …more

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Planning Ahead

Many articles aimed at the boomer plus generation are about planning for the future. Have you planned for your retirement? Your mortgage? Your health care? These are important issues we all need to think about and do something about sooner than later. But there are other issues that need to be thought about and done …more

Solstice Suggestions

The New Year is here. A chance to make new resolutions, set new goals. A chance to start over. Wipe the slate clean. But what happens if the slate isn’t really dirty? What if the “resolutions” you set for yourself 364 days ago have yet to be resoluted? The older I get (that seems to …more

Looking for the Payoff

Sometimes I wonder where I am going with the new “freedom” in my life. My children are finally on their own, leaving my husband and I to play together and apart, depending upon our moods and which hunting season it is. I am pulling away from the necessity of being a “model” employee and actually …more

Obsession For The Greater Good

There are a number of people edging towards retirement, wondering what they will do on the other side of the employment valley. At first, that seems like a silly question. Why? You will sleep in! Travel! Volunteer! Spend more time with the kids and grand-kids! Those goals are well and noble and rightly deserved. We …more

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