Author: Professor Sarah H. Kagan

Virtual Supportive Cancer Care: A Silver Lining for Cancer Care in the COVID Pandemic?

Cancer care today is markedly different than what it was before the COVID pandemic. Some changes in cancer care, from lower numbers of screening tests like mammograms through alterations in how treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are done, garner a good deal of attention in news and social media. Changes to supportive care, a …more

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Celebrate Older Americans Month – May 2019

May is Older Americans Month! Each year, the Administration on Community Living (ACL) within the Federal government sponsors this month of recognition with a theme that changes from year to year. Whether you are one of our more than 49 million older Americans or if your aim is to join their ranks in the future, …more

The Truth About Aging

I’ve long believed there must be some kernel of truth in any saying or aphorisms that we use to punctuate our conversations and read from authors and others. In an aging society, I’m particularly conscious of the sayings we use to describe old age. Some of those sayings take a bit of examination to find …more

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