Author: Julia Whitmore

Six things I wish I’d known about death (before my father died)

When our daughter was about five, she told me she really didn’t want to die, and in fact, didn’t think she actually would. Death was probably going to skip her. Sad to say, she kind of spoke for a lot of us. Although it’s one of the few things we have no choice about, we …more

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Six Tips for Retirement Skiing

I didn’t truly fall in love with skiing until I was … 60! This wasn’t because of a late start. I started in rope tow, lace-up boot days, when a family pass at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood was $6.50 (eight people in my family. Thank you, Timberline.) My skills, however, plateaued at about 17. …more

Breaking up (with your car) is hard to do

My bicycle rested on my hip, one wheel spinning. The front tire had slid sideways against the lip of a driveway, and boom. My knees and hands hit, then my helmet, with a crack that left my ears ringing. Cars passed by in a steady parade. A few eased over the center line to give …more

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Volunteer in Jail

The walls are concrete. So are the floors. The halls echo. At noon, the aroma of spaghetti and boiled green beans floats in with a rolling cart. When our children headed off to start their own lives, I was left pretty kid-hungry. One day, the paper featured a woman in her late seventies who taught …more

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