Travel to JapanYou can book tours to many of the actual Urushi ware shops, which in some cases are run by 7th and 8th generation families.

Each of the 47 prefectures in Japan have their own specialty foods. Ishikawa Noto Peninsula is no exception. I tasted fish I never heard of, tried sea urchin, and abalone for the first time. I sampled many of the local sweets, all of them were very tasty. There is a special Noto bowl in which, depending on the season and location, you can choose one of 20 different seafood or beef dishes. I would like to come back and see how many I could sample.

This past April the Noto Railway was inaugurated and I had the pleasure of taking a ride. Travel to JapanI enjoyed the scenery and the stop at a historic train post office, but most of all was the coffee, conversations, and local sweets they served with the usual impeccable Japanese service.

There are many web sites you can visit to find out more information. there are many brochures are in English. When planning your trip to Japan make sure you include the Noto Peninsula, you won’t regret it.

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