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Why I love southern India

I am approaching 62 and have been spending the last 5 years going back and forth from the US to India on a tourist visa. While so many love northern India because of its beauty and splendor, I love southern India more. Yes there are places where it is very hot but there are ‘hill …more

Retirement in India: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

With the down turn of the American economy and a big hit to our retirement funds my husband and I decided to outsource our retirement. I began reading everything on the Intranet about the best places to retire. Out of the blue, my India born husband said why not India. I did some reading and …more

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Asian Servants

During the 1970s in my international banking career, my wife and I lived in Southeast Asia for five years—two in Jakarta and three in Singapore. Returning to the States, we found that friends were curious about servants and assumed they were like those in PBS British dramas. Before arriving in Jakarta, we had hoped our …more

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Retirement on the Road

I have now lived in my tiny house on wheels for a year. It is a gypsy wagon also called a vardo, lovingly built by John Kaznecki of Maine. We set it on a Ford F150 truck with 5’x8’ bed last March. How did this happen? Well, I retired from work at the Department of …more

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Thailand Wildlife

Yes indeed, many head to Thailand for a taste of wild-life, but it’s also an awesome place to encounter wildlife. And that’s exactly what two ole classmates did recently. It had been over forty years since we were in high school or had even seen each other! We were one grade apart, Rob being a …more

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Beyond Beach Resorts and Tourist Towns – finding the real Mexico

Ten places to discover in Mexico beyond Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas. 1.Rio Lagartos: Exploring the estuary by boat we see a group of flamingos a short distance away. It is barely past sunrise and the world is honeyed with golden light. And there they are in front of us, thirty or forty …more

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Return migration by retirees

‘My dread is that I will die before returning’. I read this heartfelt proclamation on a BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) website message board, which had invited responses to a TV programme about ‘The ten pound poms’ – British citizens who emigrated to Australia in the 1960s and 1970s under the assisted package scheme.  Clearly, one …more

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Ten retired friends. Ten very different retirement paths.

My working friends often ask about my retired life. What is retirement like? What do you do with all that time? Do you work? Are you ever bored? Does it make you crazy to be with your spouse all the time? Retired for four years, now, the answers to those questions continue to change. My …more

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