However, the primary objective of our trip was to find and photograph snakes at night – when they are most active. Our new British friend was reluctant to leave the camp grounds with us, suggesting that this was surely not allowed due to safety.

Employing a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, Rob and I set off down a dirt track scanning tree limbs for hanging serpents. About a mile up the track, two glimmering eyes indeed suddenly appeared ahead – headlights! Shortly, we were bouncing around in the back of an annoyed rangers’ pickup truck, having been scolded in heavily fractured English – something about poisonous snakes and man-eating cats!

Retire in Thailand

With our tails somewhat between our legs, we spent the rest of the evening prowling the campgrounds for photographic opportunities.

Retire in ThailandBehind the small camp kitchen, scraps are put out to attract larger mammals for viewing. As we sat alone waiting and sipping local rum, we were visited by a couple of very formidable looking porcupines. What a pleasant nightcap!

We headed out in the morning, exploring and photographing our way out of the park, then pointed north toward Bangkok. We never saw a single snake, but had many wonderful encounters with southeast Asian wildlife and a very memorable adventure to boot.

Note: All photos were taken by Robert Ferguson except the one of him (taken by me). Rob is launching an online magazine in August ( ) focusing on wildlife, tours, and conservation in Asia.

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