Author: Alison Armstrong

Making the Most of Cuba in Two Weeks

Cuba grabs you by the throat and spits you out dancing. It’s not always easy, and it’s impossible to escape the poverty, but it’s always fascinating. At times raw and gritty, at times serene and beautiful, Cuba has much to offer the adventurous traveller. You can stay at an all-inclusive beach resort and have a …more

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Beyond Beach Resorts and Tourist Towns – finding the real Mexico

Ten places to discover in Mexico beyond Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas. 1.Rio Lagartos: Exploring the estuary by boat we see a group of flamingos a short distance away. It is barely past sunrise and the world is honeyed with golden light. And there they are in front of us, thirty or forty …more

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A Journey through Jordan

Jordan is a cream and blue land. There are pockets of colour: Petra is rose-pink and soft orange; Wadi Rum is all burnt orange and deep chocolate; there is lush green vegetation along the river in Wadi Ibn Hamad; but as you drive through Jordan from north to south and back again what you notice …more

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For Nature and Wildlife Lovers – off the beaten path in Australia

I was born and raised in Australia, started travelling overseas in my early twenties, and in my early thirties (over thirty years ago) I emigrated to Canada. Almost all my exploration of Australia has been done with my husband over the past five years when we expanded family visits to include seeing the country. We …more

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Health and Medical Care While Travelling the World. Seventy is the new fifty – except for the cost of health insurance!

We have been living a nomadic life for almost four years now. We’ve traveled to 24 different countries and usually spend six months at a time overseas in various parts of the world, ranging from Italy and Spain to South America to the South Pacific islands of Samoa and Fiji, to India and Southeast Asia, …more

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Naturally Beautiful Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is relatively small with only about 600,000 people. On the other hand Greater Vancouver, more commonly known as the Lower Mainland, has a population of 2.5 million. It includes, among others, the contiguous cities of Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, New Westminster, and Coquitlam, and across the harbour North Vancouver and West Vancouver. …more

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Moving with Spirit: Saying yes to the heart, even when the mind says no from fear

In May 2011 we leapt off a cliff. Not a physical cliff, although it felt a bit like that at times, but a metaphorical cliff: we made the decision to sell our beautiful home in Vancouver, Canada and use the proceeds to go travelling. We had no idea, beyond a list of places we wanted …more

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The Gift of Travel

Don turned 65 in October 2007 and thoughts of wanting to retire and travel more began to take precedence over his former enthusiasm for his work as a private-practice neuropsychologist. However, because of some very poor financial decisions we’d made a couple of years earlier he was not in a position to retire, so he …more

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