Author: Diane Norman

Trading heels for tennis shoes

What woman wouldn’t want to trade heels for tennis shoes? Recently one of my retired friends said that was one of her favorite things about retirement. This light-hearted comment got me thinking about my 6 years of retirement and what I liked and disliked. Small things make me smile. The other day I realized that …more

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Ten retired friends. Ten very different retirement paths.

My working friends often ask about my retired life. What is retirement like? What do you do with all that time? Do you work? Are you ever bored? Does it make you crazy to be with your spouse all the time? Retired for four years, now, the answers to those questions continue to change. My …more

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Retiree Speak

I know retiree speak. I don’t know how or when it happened, but somehow I now know this once-foreign language and way of life. If you are a retiree, see if the following is familiar. And if you are not yet retired, here’s what you have to look forward to… I am very careful spending …more

A New Chapter – Retirement

Retirement was never really in my plans. Sure, I contributed to my 401K and saved money for retirement, but I never really planned the age I would retire or what I would do when I retired. Yes, it was ironic that my job was planning, but I didn’t have a plan for my own retirement. …more

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