Author: Lawrence Rose

What I Did in Social Media Jail – I Became an author

My “Medellin Jubilado (Retiree) Odyssey” contained a trap. I toured,, was a wonderful tourist. I bought property, I was a fine new member of the community and a new member of a large Colombian family through marriage, But eventually the mania of social media, screen time, caught me in its addictive grip. Cocaine? No, never. …more

The Drinking Bucket List: Fire Water of Colombia

Be a peasant, campesino, paisano, paysan or peon. Macerate some fruit (or rice, or grape stems, or sugar cane) in an old jar, let it ferment, filter it through a cloth, maybe purify and extract the alcohol by distilling, add botanicals for color and / or flavor or not, and you might just wind up …more

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So what’s so great about Medellin, Colombia?

Last weekend as Beatriz and I left our apartment at about 11 AM we both stopped, looked at each other and agreed that we were astonished once again by the beauty of the place and the wonderful weather. When I taught meteorology at the university in the States we gave a definition of Weather as …more

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