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Celebrate Older Americans Month – May 2019

May is Older Americans Month! Each year, the Administration on Community Living (ACL) within the Federal government sponsors this month of recognition with a theme that changes from year to year. Whether you are one of our more than 49 million older Americans or if your aim is to join their ranks in the future, …more

Coming of Age in Aging America

Have you ever wondered what our society would be like if 1/3 of the population were over the age of 65 – many of whom will live to be 85 or older? That will be our social reality in just one generation. And that is what the public television documentary film Coming of Age in …more

My Costa Rica Commute

Do you experience bliss doing the most simple of things? You know, where your chest inflates with joy and tears well in your eyes from the sheer power of it. The kind that continues, years later, to give you a rush? I often have them while travelling. A few happened on the southeast coast of …more

Pura Vida, the cultural differences between the U.S. and Costa Rica

Suppose your spouse had taken a day trip with some friends and you were to await a phone call for a time to make the pick up. Now suppose you didn’t get the call because your cell phone service didn’t work. Now suppose, 30 minutes later your spouse got a call through and you left …more

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The Help (from an American Voice in Mexico)

Although we enjoyed watching reruns of Upstairs, Downstairs on public television, my wife and I had never thought of ourselves as people who needed staff to get along. Living in the unpretentious Midwest, having domestic help was regarded as uppity, and unbecoming to good Methodists and Lutherans whose lot in life was to maintain their …more

Circumnavigating Eastern North America by Boat

Buying a motor yacht and planning to circumnavigate Eastern North America with little or no experience with boats is a little wacky. Our first and only real boating experience a few years earlier had been chartering a thirty-foot faux tug and cruising through the Trent-Severn Waterway in Ontario, Canada, with Eva’s sister, Lelia, and her …more

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Cycling Across America: 11 Weeks, 10 States, 3,065 Miles

Cycling from Yorktown, VA to Washington State began as a fund-raiser for my non-profit organization, the Senior Retirement Project which provides in-home mental health counseling to seniors and their adult care givers. Emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, or feelings of being overwhelmed are not related to aging itself, rather, as one age’s challenging life …more

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Volunteering: Life on the Africa Mercy

Debbie: I remember thinking that this was a very strange place for me to be. I was at the Hope Center, where patients recover from surgery done on the Africa Mercy, the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship. I was helping a man from Guinea, in West Africa, make a friendship bracelet. He didn’t speak English, …more

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