Author: Mark Van Patten

Pura Vida, the cultural differences between the U.S. and Costa Rica

Suppose your spouse had taken a day trip with some friends and you were to await a phone call for a time to make the pick up. Now suppose you didn’t get the call because your cell phone service didn’t work. Now suppose, 30 minutes later your spouse got a call through and you left …more

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The naysayers did not stop us from moving to Costa Rica

When we first decided to move to Costa Rica the reactions to the move came from two types of people. There didn’t seem to be any middle ground. Maybe not so surprisingly they were from two demographic groups: the retired rich the working It was hardly your Mensa challenge for the day to determine which …more

Why Retiring in Costa Rica Won’t Work For You

Retiring in Costa Rica may sound like a dream come true. So far, for my wife and I, it’s worked out OK. It’s not a dream come true, but you don’t believe in that myth anyway do you? So why will retiring to Costa Rica not work out for you? Your extended family will interfere …more

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