Pura Vida, the cultural differences between the U.S. and Costa Rica

Ticos are physically fit and take pride in physical appearance.

In the U.S., a trip to the local discount store would reveal an embarrassing plethora of obese people dressed in sweats. Not so in Costa Rica, many Ticos don’t own cars so they walk everywhere – up and down the hills.  A shopping trip is a social outing, and men, women, and children dress up. 

This is a noisy country.

Barking dogs, loud trucks, noisy motorcycles, crowing roosters, music blaring from speakers mounted on cars, and car alarms wailing are the common everyday sounds of Costa Rica. 

Their is no “arts” scene.

Outside of the capitol city of San Jose, cultural activities are very rare.  Entertainment often takes the form of a “tope” (horse parade) or rodeo.  Churches will have celebrations on holidays featuring food booths and kid activities. 

Adapting to the cultural differences between the United States and Costa Rica is a constant challenge for expats. Even those who are fluent in the language, still find them uttering the fateful words… “why don’t they do it THIS way…”  

Because, Pura Vida. 

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  1. Thanks but sounds like you hate this country.
    Every country is different you can’t expect to be there and have the same things you had in U.S

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