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Genealogy: Your Ancestor Shot and Killed My Ancestor!

Many people think of genealogy as names and dates, which it is. But it can be so much more! Our ancestors lived through difficult times and under circumstances hard to imagine. They made good and bad decisions, had successes and failures, experienced love and heartbreak, and had moments of joyous pride and numbing shame. They …more

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Empty Nesters on a Green Global Trek: Granada, Nicaragua

In 2008, we launched on a multi-year “Green Global Trek”. For years we had yearned for the freedom to sculpt a more nomadic lifestyle, once our four teen-age boys would be off to college. We prepared the terrain, gradually, by doing some research about potential launch points for our global trek and decided on Nicaragua …more

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The Drinking Bucket List: Fire Water of Colombia

Be a peasant, campesino, paisano, paysan or peon. Macerate some fruit (or rice, or grape stems, or sugar cane) in an old jar, let it ferment, filter it through a cloth, maybe purify and extract the alcohol by distilling, add botanicals for color and / or flavor or not, and you might just wind up …more

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Repositioning Cruises…What’s Your Hurry?

Imagine arriving in Europe completely relaxed, well rested, with no jet lag, ready to enjoy your trip to France, Spain, Italy or wherever you are headed. Think of an international trip without fighting the airport mayhem, putting up with other peoples’ screaming babies, and stomaching airplane “food” for ten or more hours! We will rarely …more

My Journey with Jack

Since marrying my husband just shy of twenty-five years ago, we have lived: In Humboldt County, California where giant coastal redwoods march into the wild waves of the Pacific Northwest. On the side of Kilauea volcano on the big island of Hawaii where new land is created every day and the air fills with sulfur …more

Retiring in Mexico: Making Lemonade When Handed Lemons

Mike and I had a dream plan for retirement with living 6 months in our home in the mountains of WA and 6 months of living and/or traveling in other countries, exploring the world. But quickly that dream faded away with the economic crash in 2008. We had a successful real estate business in a …more

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Single Expat Moves to Cuenca, Ecuador

After 23 years of living at Lake Chapala in Mexico, I decided to strike out and explore where I might want to live next. I was already familiar with Spanish-language countries; I had lived a happy, interesting, and contented life in Mexico since I was 40 years old. However, after 25 years as a single …more

So what’s so great about Medellin, Colombia?

Last weekend as Beatriz and I left our apartment at about 11 AM we both stopped, looked at each other and agreed that we were astonished once again by the beauty of the place and the wonderful weather. When I taught meteorology at the university in the States we gave a definition of Weather as …more

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