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Everyday is an Adventure…in Panama

It seems as though these days, everyday’s an adventure because each morning when we wake up we remember, “Oh my gosh! We LIVE HERE!” “Where?”, You may be wondering, do we live? We live in the Republic of Panama , the District of Chiriquí , in the charming town of Boquete. Five months ago we …more

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Retire in Panama

When are we going to retire? How are we going to live? Where are we going to live? How are we going to manage on what we have? We had these questions so we started looking at our options, and ended up in Panama! I’m Kris, 61 years old, retired nurse. My husband Joel is …more

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Retirement from Canada to Panama Part 2

Gathering and Preparing Documents for Residency We decided that we would return to Panama in March to look for a home and we wanted to begin our residency process at the same time. In the case of our residency we were applying for a Pensionado Visa based on my spouses Government of Canada Pension. I’m …more

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Retirement from Canada to Panama Part 1

In October of 2011 my husband and I quit our jobs and began the search for a place in the sun to retire. I make it sound easy with that statement but it isn’t as simple as it sounds; where we started and where we ended up is very different. My husband retired from the …more

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A Retirement Adventure

The wheels started turning in our patio one evening after my wife Jane and I returned from a trip to Atlantic City. Sitting there enjoying the August evening in Wausau, Wisconsin, my thoughts were about the next week when I had to return to work. After awhile I broke the peaceful silence and announced “I …more

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Retiring Abroad – What Does It Take?

“Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama” –The Beach Boys   In conversations about retirement, moving overseas is always a hot topic. The ocean is always bluer on the other side of the equator. We all know or have heard of the wonderful places, the low cost of living, …more

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An Early Retirement Experiment in Malaysia

Adventurous by nature, my wife and I began pondering early retirement not long after our wedding. Although successful from a professional point of view, we always viewed our jobs as a registered nurse and a financial services administrator as a gateway towards something more rewarding than a good paycheck.  Raised in a generation devoid of …more

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Where to Retire? Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest

My wife and I are planning to downsize and retire in the next few years. I decided to do some research on some cheaper options for retirement locations. Almost any place is cheaper than where we currently live. New York City. The first thing I did was to find which are the most tax friendly …more

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