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Chrome Plated Vegetables

Miley Cyrus made headlines recently for doing something called “twerking.” I’m not exactly sure what that involves but in any case, I have to claim that I invented twerking quite a while ago. My twerking, however, is probably somewhat different from what Miley does. My twerking involves annoying, harassing and otherwise irritating people and companies …more

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Work

Over a long business career, there were the occasional funny incidents that helped to make up for the pressures and frustrations that come with every business. Among other things, there were a few years when I taught at our local adult education college. One night I was teaching an evening business class and we started …more

A Parenthetical Friendship

I was drafted into the U.S.Army and stationed in Austria for about two years during the Korean War. Even though it was at the height of the Cold War, it was pretty boring stuff with a lot of marching, drilling and cleaning and greasing equipment. The only thing that relieved the tedium for me was …more

If I had to Do It Over…

(random thoughts from a guy who has nothing better to do) I’m so-o-o tired of those treacly reminiscences by people telling me what they would do if they had their lives to live over again. “I’d love more, I’d see more sunsets, I’d send more birthday cards, I’d smile more, yada, yada, yada.” As far …more

Early Memories of the Bronx, NY

The first memory I have of coming to the Bronx, NYC is the day we drove – we had a car in those days – to the Bronx for my parents to look at apartments. I didn’t really know what was going on. My cousin San – who it turned out lived only about a …more

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Big Words, Changing Desires and Interesting Experiences

In a casual conversation with a friend recently I happened to use the word, pedantic. Almost immediately, my friend remarked, “Whoo, whoo, whoo. Listen to the big words.” (I guess it was meant to be some sort of a not-so-subtle put-down.) I replied, “Are you accusing me of being a sesquipedalian?” * Hell, I know …more

Retired? Bored? Want to Start Your Own Business?

My first job was as a delivery boy for a family-owned, neighborhood dry cleaning store. I was eleven years old and they paid me $2 a week. (You heard me right – a week.) I would come to work after school and deliver dry-cleaning around the neighborhood until around five-o-clock in the afternoon. But they …more

Do Not Read This Sign

(Oops, too late) Now that I’m retired with a lot more time on my hands, I find myself wondering about stuff that I ignored before – probably because I was too busy or concerned with other things. I love to read signs. Here’s an example. I saw a sign over the photo counter at a …more

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