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Older Equals Wiser? Part 2

I wish that you would stop telling me about how great it was back in the old days. Truth is, it was a struggle and we both kept wishing things would be easier. We just refuse to remember that it was not as easy as we’d like to remember. I can hardly remember, and you …more

Older Equals Wiser? Part 1

Maybe, maybe not. Ever wonder where the idea of the wisdom of the elders came from? I suspect it goes back to the days when the older men of the tribe sat around in a teepee and talked about the problems of the day and then used their collective wisdom to find an answer. And …more

Why Men Never Ask for Directions – Part 2

Not only do men know all the answers to everything, they also know that it is far better to come up with a wrong answer than to ever say, “I don’t know.” Even if he doesn’t know the answer to the question, “Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?” He will surely give you some answer. He …more

Why Men Never Ask for Directions – Part 1

First of all, it’s a well-known fact that men know everything. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that their wives are always asking them important questions like, “Do you think cousin Mabel really loves that guy she’s living with?” -or- “Should I use the floral pattern dishes for the luncheon tomorrow?” -or- “I wonder …more

Amortizing Toilet Paper

There is the story of the frugal Scotsman who bought two tickets to the lottery and then discovered that one of the tickets had won $57 million. When they notified him of his good fortune, he was overheard to mutter, “I can’t imagine what prompted me to buy that other ticket.” In my later years …more

I Keep Forgetting That I Have Trouble Remembering

As I get older I find it harder to recall some things. Some people call these “senior moments” which seems to imply that I am getting older and that my brain is not working as fast as it used to. I reject that idea completely. My having difficulty recalling some things is not because my …more

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