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Tips For Old Guys Looking For Love Online

What is perceived as criticism or negativity is hard to take but sometimes, telling it “like it is” is the only way to tell it. Trust me, you will be offended by some parts of this essay and that’s okay. Grow up and take it like a real man, if you know what that means. …more

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The Older Man Looking for Love — Why He’s Not Finding It

A 75 year-old man had been married 40+ years. His wife cooked and cleaned, took care of the kids who are now on their own, and he provided income. They had sex once in a while and took each other for granted. He was content, she was sort of happy and then she died, and …more

No, You Don’t Have To Suffer Deteriorated Old Age

Old age in our culture refers to chronological age. It’s a number identifying how long we have been alive. That’s all it means. Your chronological age is not a measure of your competence, maturity, appearance, behavior, attitudes or values. It is what it is — just a number. You and only you can give meaning …more

Boomer Bane: Cuteness and Backhanded Compliments

Are you the epitome of the sizzling ageless boomer babe that women envy or try to emulate? Do you work hard to stay in shape, look hot in your skinny jeans and project an “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar” image in your leather biker jacket? When you walk into a room of your peers, …more

Are Old People Their Own Worst Enemies?

A currently running TV commercial shows two teens arriving at their grandparents home.  Instead of hugs for the kids, Grandma and Grandpa shove a handful of tech gadgets with dangling wires  into the  hands of the teens and greet them with, ” We are so happy to see you. None of this works.” The commercial perpetuates the myth …more

What Caitlin Jenner And I Have In Common

On March 16, 2004, The Los Angeles Times published an article (which I still have) about school trustees who complained about a law regarding gender identity. According to The Times article,  “The law requires schools’ anti-discrimination complaint procedures to reflect the state’s definition of “sex” as male or female, and gender as a “person’s actual …more

Workable Tips To Look Younger Longer

While it is impossible to stay young, it is possible to hang on to some of the best gifts of youth. However, it must be understood that to do so, it’s going to take ongoing effort. You can’t work at it today, or for a couple of days, or now and then. That’s not going …more

Take Your 15 Minutes of Fame

At age 60 I was a contestant in a Ms. Senior America competition. I knew my chances of winning were slim because among other deficits, I do not sing, dance, twirl a baton or recite poetry. When I shared my shortcomings with the pageant director, she suggested I take acting lessons to acquire some stage …more

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