While it is impossible to stay young, it is possible to hang on to some of the best gifts of youth.

However, it must be understood that to do so, it’s going to take ongoing effort. You can’t work at it today, or for a couple of days, or now and then. That’s not going to work. It takes regular, consistent effort, and as daunting as that might seem, look at it this way: If it takes 10 years to reach a desired goal, so what? You will be alive during those ten years anyway so you may as well make the effort. Your reward will be a phenomenal payoff.

Let’s start with exercise. If you are in decent shape at age 35, and if you exercise consistently, on a regular schedule year in and year out, that effort will pay off big time when you get to 50 and beyond. You will be in great shape — the envy of peers who didn’t have your persistence. Remember, however, you don’t exercise to provoke envy, you do it because it makes you strong, makes you feel good, and it keeps you looking younger.

Then there is diet. I have always been aware that diet plays a role in how well we age. It makes sense; you can’t fill your body with nutritionally useless edibles day in and day out, year after year and expect to look and feel good. Ultimately, we are what we eat. If you think about how young people often live, how they eat, how much alcohol is often consumed, it makes sense that they are probably going to age more rapidly than those who consciously live with their future in mind.

A “live for today only” attitude is devastating for the woman (or man) who wants to look younger longer. To put it another way, you can’t consistently abuse your body with a consistently bad diet, little or no exercise, and think you won’t eventually look like “something the cat dragged in” as my mother would say.

Every Woman’s Major Concern

Every woman is concerned about the appearance of her face. How do you keep it looking years younger? Well, much depends on genetics. That said, gerontologist Dr. John W. Rowe, author of Successful Aging maintains that 80 percent of how well we age is the result of lifestyle choices made over time, not your genes.

I have been blessed with great skin and trust me, I work hard to keep it looking 25 years younger than my age. Over the years, I have changed care regimens but one thing has remained constant: a good diet, and for decades, I have consumed a daily mega dose of calcium ascorbate, a soluble, tasteless, non-acidic form of vitamin C. The government’s daily minimum requirement for Vitamin C  is between 50 and 90 milligrams. This is the daily intake level considered sufficient to meet the requirements of 98% of healthy individuals. It’s better than nothing, but it’s close to nothing in my opinion.

I do not recommend consumption of mega doses of calcium ascorbate until and unless you do painstaking research and you can make a properly informed decision, preferably with the guidance of a qualified nutrition-oriented health care professional, about whether or not mega doses would be right for you. If you ask your traditionally trained physician who probably has had very little nutrition training in medical school, s/he will likely tell you that you are wasting your money, you will get kidney stones, or you will kill yourself. I’m just revealing what I believe works for me.Vitamin C is not the only supplement I take but I believe it is responsible for keeping my skin wrinkle free.

The other thing I believe keeps my skin in remarkable condition is daily use of my Clarisonic. If you wear makeup every day, it does a great job of taking it all off.

I have not found any exceptional moisturizers, including those that contain hyaluronic acid, so I use “whatever” moisturizer from the drug store. I’m always open to suggestions if you have found something you are wildly fond of and recommend.

Last but not least, I love Retin A. It must be used with care but if you can get your dermatologist to write a prescription for you, and instruct you about proper usage, including possible side effects, it’s great. Please do not buy it on the Internet or use a friend’s. You don’t know what you are really getting and you may end up with a badly burned face.

So there you are. We can’t stay young forever but we can look better than expected when we learn to use some effective tips and tools.

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