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What is it like to Retire in Bali?

As I write this article, Balinese are frantically preparing for the “Nyepi” holiday, often referred to as “Bali’s Day of Silence”. On that day from 6 a.m to 6 a.m. the following day, everyone must remain in their house or hotel, for the whole day. The airport even closes down for the whole day. Lights …more

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Retire in Bali

Great International Retirement Locations Bali, Indonesia Retirement Description: Bali, with its lush vegetation, exceptional beaches and awe inspiring scenery, is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Bali’s attractions include fishing villages featuring black sand beaches, coral reefs and excellent diving, areas with botanical gardens, an active volcano (Mount Batur) with great mountain scenery …more

Lets Hit the Road to Where?

~You cannot discover new roads until you’re willing to lose sight of your front door~ Since retiring, do you plan for your future, or do you go-with-the-flow? Rob and I decided when we got married thirty-some years ago to never plan too far ahead. Why? Because every time we planned, something else would come up …more

Living with an older spouse after retirement

When we married over 40 years ago, my husband was 35 and I was 27. Well matched in interests and activity levels, we enjoyed walking, moderate hiking in the Virginia mountains, bike riding and other outdoor exercises. Sure, we had some marital difficulties, but they were never about our age difference. We had two sons …more

An Early Retirement Experiment in Malaysia

Adventurous by nature, my wife and I began pondering early retirement not long after our wedding. Although successful from a professional point of view, we always viewed our jobs as a registered nurse and a financial services administrator as a gateway towards something more rewarding than a good paycheck.  Raised in a generation devoid of …more

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Empty Nesters on a Green Global Trek: Selecting a new home town in Asia

When we set off from Chicago to start on a Green Global Trek in Latin America, we fell in love with Granada, Nicaragua. We did not know how long we would be living in Granada, but we knew we wanted to anchor ourselves there, building a new chapter in our lives and traveling throughout the …more

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Ringing in the ears – tinnitus

Quite commonly, many people admit to hearing noises in their ears or head; noises that no one else can hear and that are not associated with any outside sounds. This experience is known as subjective tinnitus. There are many descriptions of tinnitus sounds, most commonly described as hissing, ringing, humming, the sound of escaping steam, …more

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A Year And A Day

Pete and I met five years ago on a blind date. I say ‘blind date’ but it was actually a meticulously engineered plan by an old school friend of mine who’d decided to do a spot of matchmaking. ‘ Lottie, he’s going to fall head over heels in love with you, and you are going …more

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