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Never for me the lowered banner – never the last endeavour

“Never for me the lowered banner – never the last endeavour” – Sir Ernest Shackleton Despite my near sixty-five years on Mother Earth, I have in recent times, strived to side-step all issues pertaining to one’s encroaching antiquity, largely through maintaining an active lifestyle via the golf course and local gymnasium – and then combining …more

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Our Softball Family: Playing Senior Softball for Fun and Health

On the day my oncologist told us I was in complete remission after treatment for my lymphoma, my wife turned to me and said, “Do you think you could have done this without softball?” There is no way to answer that question with certainty, but there are some things I do know. In the struggle …more

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The Truth About Aging

I’ve long believed there must be some kernel of truth in any saying or aphorisms that we use to punctuate our conversations and read from authors and others. In an aging society, I’m particularly conscious of the sayings we use to describe old age. Some of those sayings take a bit of examination to find …more

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International Volunteering for Professionals

There is a demand for professional service volunteers in the developing world and international volunteering can add a fulfilling dimension to your life. A volunteer has the ability to travel, learn new cultures, and contribute to the enhancement of others’ lives while enhancing one’s own. Volunteer sending organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are seeking qualified …more

Joining the Peace Corps at 71

It was the early ‘60s and I was deciding which format to choose for my wedding invitations when I heard President Kennedy announce the formation of a new international volunteer organization—the Peace Corps. I stopped what I was doing and gave my full attention to the TV and thought, “WOW, would I love to do …more

Far Eastern Journal

“It’s Not the Wound that Teaches – But the Healing.” – Marty Rubin Funny old thing this game of life, one moment I was ready, prepared and willing to embrace an exciting new phase of one’s sexagenarian existence, ergo; ‘The retirement years’, then my well meaning family practitioner, (let’s refer to him as ‘Doc Holliday) …more

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A Virtual Retirement Community

I’m a founding member, board member and volunteer for Capital City Village (CCV) in Austin, Texas. CCV is not a place, but a virtual community helping seniors age in place successfully. This means we choose to stay in our homes and thrive, rather than having how we age decided for us. We’re part of the …more

On the road with Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity’s RV Care-A-Vanners are some of the most important contributors to helping make Habitat’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live a reality. These road warriors — more than 5,000 volunteers — have seized on a unique combination of the call of the open road and the call …more

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