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Retirement on the Road

I have now lived in my tiny house on wheels for a year. It is a gypsy wagon also called a vardo, lovingly built by John Kaznecki of Maine. We set it on a Ford F150 truck with 5’x8’ bed last March. How did this happen? Well, I retired from work at the Department of …more

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Positive Aging: You Can Do It If You Try (And Are Not Afraid To Modify)

When my youngest son was a toddler, he loved Fred Penner….I mean he absolutely IDOLIZED him! That was mostly good, except that twenty-seven years later, many of those songs have a way of creeping back into my head. When I was asked if I would write a guest post on positive aging for Retirement and …more

Another Valuable Retirement Activity: Connecting with Safety Pins!

One wonderful thing about being retired is that one has time to think and make big plans. Sorry, there’s no money involved—just a big idea passed on throughout the land by observing a lowly safety pin. Stick with me. This might start something worthwhile. We can be in on the plotting. While shopping in the …more

Vietnam – The Forgotten Cemetery

“Vietnam was what we had instead of happy childhoods”. (MICHAEL HERR) Editor’s Note: The following is a post about one man’s journey for answers about life, death, love and war. Although lengthy we believe it is well worth reading the entire post. When I was a child growing-up in my native Edinburgh during the late …more

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Noto Peninsula a must see on your Japan trip

Now is the time to Visit Japan, especially Noto Peninsula A January 6th article in the New York Times about where Americans would like to travel in 2015, listed Japan tied in 10th place. Two weeks later the Japan Times (Which is part of the New York Times publishing group) wrote about why foreigners do …more

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Yes, Virginia, There’s Life after Retirement

“Don’t just dream; dare!” That’s the first line of my book. Yes, I not only had a dream but I dared. I retired in a foreign country, traveling in an unfamiliar way with a Caucasian husband. There were indeed tremendous risks, but there were also overwhelming rewards. It was good I was financially prepared, and …more

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Golden Years

“This isn’t what I thought my golden years would be.” My father’s words echoed in a time-lapse soundtrack that played back regularly in the recesses of my memory. He was a self-made, hardworking man, not given to complaining or griping, even when he had good cause. So his oft-repeated remorse about his disappointing golden years …more

The Class of 2015

We walked through the busy parking lot following the rest of the crowd. It was a warm evening and the sun was setting on the other side of the arena which loomed in front of us. Snippets of conversation could be heard as we walked quickly with the throng. It was a joyful night. Everyone …more

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