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The transportation arrived as scheduled. It took us to a 1950’s Communist type hospital in very poor repair. Every public toilet was plugged, tile was falling off the walls and the floor was filthy. An ATM was next to the entrance of the ER for a patient’s convenience, so we could pay for each step along the way, such as the ambulance, x-rays, examination time, etc. The only doctor spoke English. He told us to return to Munich, Germany. Rick’s wife was there on business, and she may have good medical contacts. The bottom line is the doctor rapped Rick’s leg in an ace bandage for which he collected the proper fee as well as for a set of crutches for Rick to return to Germany.

We made it back to Munich leaving the next day after the night of the depositions meeting and three train changes. I carried the entire luggage, while Rick fought the crutches as we went up and down the train station stairs for each change of trains.

For several years, we have waited for some contact we have not received anything from the Prague police. I would be surprised if we had. Rick still has trouble with his leg. It was a long one-day visit, but it will surely be my last visit to Prague.

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