Leaving Home to Go Home

Retirement in IdahoSome people have taken this two of everything philosophy to an even higher level. Two cars, one up north, one down south. They just cover their car with a secured canvas tarp, throw a few things in an overnight bag and fly home. This is particularly true of many of our Canadian friends who might have a three or four day car trip facing them. Having two cars and flying home eliminates the hassle of packing up a car and taking a long road trip.

Diana and I begin our trip out of Phoenix by taking Highway 95 northwest to Kingman and on into Boulder City, Nevada for our overnight stop.

Here’s a tip. It’s always a good idea to break up the boredom of the long, going back home road trip with an overnight stay in a Casino. A simple motel room would do, I suppose. But remember, you are leaving a place that had lots of activities and lots of things that were going on. You’re going back home to your normal life, yes, but you don’t want to jump into this cold turkey.

A night that includes a buffet in a room full of people and a stroll through the casino with the slot machines dinging away with lots of people and lots of action is a better transition than a lonely motel room next to a Denny’s off the freeway. You’re going to have plenty of quiet when you get home. No use rushing into it.

Then of course, there’s the return to your northern residence. This most likely is where the family resides, kids, grandchildren, siblings. Over the next few days it’s reunion time. You haven’t seen these people for half a year. Some of them have changed, bigger, taller. It’s going to be an adjustment. You will be reminded that time is moving on and you’re getting older.

After all the hub-bub of seeing everyone has died down, life gets back into a routine again. You say hello to your neighbors. You water your plants. You are home.

But there’s something missing, just as there’s something missing when you’re in Arizona.

Two homes! Two lives! Two pulls of the heart!

Home – the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered.

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  1. Interesting. My wife and I are mulling this over on where and how to retire in the next five or so years. A home base and corporate apt. renting in a different city every year vs two homes in fixed locations. The thought of packing and unpacking all our clothes and then some, is a hindrance. The appeal of having two sets of everything in two locations is good, too, but more expensive because you also have two sets of utilities, cable, internet, etc, along with clothes and other stuff. Plus, money tied up in two homes that could otherwise generate dividend income. Lots to consider, but the ease of owning two sets of everything seems appealing. Life should be interesting, but also simple, the older we get.

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