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Moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand

After the financial debacle of 2008 and the aftermath that created different lifestyles for many people in the US, I was forced to seek a place to retire outside of the US that would allow me the opportunity to live a dignified, adventure-filled life. I read a few online articles about “The 10 best places …more

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Retire in Chiang Mai

Great International Retirement Locations Chiang Mai, Thailand Retirement Description: Chiang Mai, located in northern Thailand is a beautiful city that offers Asian history in its Old City as well as a modern, cosmopolitan lifestyle to those who retire here.. It is a city alive with festivals, art and culture, nightlife and exquisite ethnic cuisine. The …more

Tales from Thailand

It’s no wonder Thailand is such a popular tourist destination. This beautiful country has amazing food, friendly people, and so many fun things to do. There’s the big city excitement of Bangkok, gorgeous beaches, elephants to ride, and all kinds of other interesting things in between. During my recent Thai adventure I had many awesome …more

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The Long Road to Thailand

Gazing out from my ninth floor balcony in the heart of Chiang Mai, it is interesting to reflect on how we ended up retiring to a remote city in Northern Thailand half a world away from my family in Eastern Canada. How did my career path lead me to this part of the world and …more

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Empty Nesters on a Green Global Trek: Selecting a new home town in Asia

When we set off from Chicago to start on a Green Global Trek in Latin America, we fell in love with Granada, Nicaragua. We did not know how long we would be living in Granada, but we knew we wanted to anchor ourselves there, building a new chapter in our lives and traveling throughout the …more

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My Journey with Jack

Since marrying my husband just shy of twenty-five years ago, we have lived: In Humboldt County, California where giant coastal redwoods march into the wild waves of the Pacific Northwest. On the side of Kilauea volcano on the big island of Hawaii where new land is created every day and the air fills with sulfur …more

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More Fishing

Great Fishing Spots continued   If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles. -Doug Larson, Gold medal winner 1924 Olympics. Sutherland Scotland Brown trout, sea trout and salmon fishing are bountiful in the rivers of Sutherland. Beyond the many rivers on the east, west and north …more

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