The Sharpest Tool in the Shed

So when I say I/we need to slow down, all I mean is that we need to pay attention to each task as we perform it. There is nothing wrong with being interested or excited about our next move, but sometimes we need to exaggerate our involvement in the current one. To assure I complete each circle, I do things like talk out loud to myself (stove is OFF. Curling iron is BACK UNDER THE SINK).  I know it sounds ridiculous (the dogs think I’m talking to them), but I would feel a lot more ridiculous should my house catch on fire. 

We are all given one deck of cards to play with, and it’s how we play with the cards we’re dealt that matters. I excel in places where others fall short. It’s all a balancing act. It is in your life, too. So don’t let it be a big deal. Make your list, sing as you recite your steps, and stay on course. After all, the most important thing in life is continually sharpening that tool. 

You’ll never know when you’ll need it to dig yourself out of a hole.


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  1. I can relate to many of your points especially getting lost whenever I drive anywhere and I can’t tell you how many times I wrote grocery lists and then could not find them. But I don’t take this stuff too seriously and I don’t view this as any indication of my level of intelligence 🙂

  2. Youth is free. You don’t have to do anything to keep it. But then comes “middle age”. If you want to keep as many youthful attributes as possible, it takes EFFORT. I regularly do brain games, Lumosity in particular. I don’t know if it really helps, and even if it doesn’t, I can say I tried — that I made the EFFORT.

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