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Retiring in Thailand

The decision for us to retire in Thailand was actually pretty easy. After living in the U.A.E and traveling extensively around the Middle East and Africa during my tenure with IBM, Thailand was a welcome respite. As I traveled through out the Middle East and Africa, I looked at each of the countries for one …more

Thailand Wildlife

Yes indeed, many head to Thailand for a taste of wild-life, but it’s also an awesome place to encounter wildlife. And that’s exactly what two ole classmates did recently. It had been over forty years since we were in high school or had even seen each other! We were one grade apart, Rob being a …more

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Tales from Thailand

It’s no wonder Thailand is such a popular tourist destination. This beautiful country has amazing food, friendly people, and so many fun things to do. There’s the big city excitement of Bangkok, gorgeous beaches, elephants to ride, and all kinds of other interesting things in between. During my recent Thai adventure I had many awesome …more

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Totally Submitting to Thailand’s Charms

It’s only been a few days, but I’ve already settled into a very comfortable routine here in the Little seaside town of Ao Nang Beach, Thailand. Let me start by saying that everything is astonishingly affordable in the “land of smiles”. And this fact invariably affects the spending choices you make. For example, my little …more

The Long Road to Thailand

Gazing out from my ninth floor balcony in the heart of Chiang Mai, it is interesting to reflect on how we ended up retiring to a remote city in Northern Thailand half a world away from my family in Eastern Canada. How did my career path lead me to this part of the world and …more

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Moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand

After the financial debacle of 2008 and the aftermath that created different lifestyles for many people in the US, I was forced to seek a place to retire outside of the US that would allow me the opportunity to live a dignified, adventure-filled life. I read a few online articles about “The 10 best places …more

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Retirement in Thailand

After 6 years in Asia I can see the advantages and disadvantages of retiring in Asia. As many people who have moved to Thailand discovered a steady pension or regular income makes this a a great location to retire and experience new things. One of the things I have found as have others who move …more

Flocking to Portugal

It is not just the seagulls flocking to Portugal! 2,000 people a day are requesting residency here. Yes, two thousand! And why not? The Portuguese people have a well-deserved reputation for their friendliness. Sun shines most of the year, even in the north; more so, the further south you go. The cuisine is fresh and …more

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