Ten Ways To…

  1. Catch up on sleep for sanity and health reasons. I have been battling insomnia lately, and I can feel it taking a toll on my body and mind. Not enough sleep can bring on all kinds of illnesses I don’t want.
  2. Make time to write. I love to write. It’s my habit, my passion. I know I work full time and have other commitments, but I need to devote more time to my creative outlet. My sanity depends upon it.
  3. Eat right. My digestion has changed through the years. I don’t really enjoy alcohol much, and cream cheese and a half dozen delicacies twist everything around inside. Eating more veggies and lean meat and drinking more water does a body good. Inside and out.
  4. Keep my mind active. Read a new book. Play Jewel’s Saga. Watch a nature show. Take a class. Every step backwards is a step I can never get back. Learn something new every day.
  5. Keep love in my heart. I know that sounds so simple. But the world can harden us. As we get older – as I get older – I have less patience and understanding. I don’t want to turn hard. I don’t want to live under thick skin. I want to love even when I don’t understand. For that kind of love strengthens the overflow I have for those I care about.

Make your own list. And stick to it. It’s easier than you think.

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  1. Good list. I would like to add my own grain of salt :
    – do some light gym or yoga, take on swimming (and sauna from time to time) : it enhances the positive effects of walking!
    – watch less TV !
    – don’t be afraid to have an opinion on public issues, from local politics to global issues, and eventually act on it! it’s good sometimes to feel connected to the rest of the human race, not only the small family cocoon !
    – beef up a foreign language, especially as a foreign expat!

  2. …oh and I forgot : have a pet ! if you knew the joys I have with my Khorat!

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