1. Continuers like to continue their career, but in a modified form. An executive may consult for businesses part-time. A teacher may tutor on the side or work as a substitute teacher.
  2. Adventurers embark on the pursuit of a lifelong dream, whether it’s traveling to far-flung destinations, opening a catering company, or learning how to paint.
  3. Searchers test the water by trying many different things. They may volunteer with multiple charities, take many different classes, or float from part-time job to part-time job.
  4. Easy gliders want to embrace leisure and relaxation. They don’t take up a new activity and that’s just fine with them.
  5. Involved spectators stay active in their former industry, but from afar. An accountant may follow accounting issues and socialize with former colleagues, but doesn’t work in the industry.
  6. Retreaters disengage from active life. They cut down on obligations and social connections. This can be refreshing, but it can also lead to isolation if not managed.

In summary, retirement planning is more than just managing your investments. While this is vital, planning should include consideration of what you want to do in retirement so that life continues to be rewarding and meaningful.

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