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Empty Nesters on a Green Global Trek: Granada, Nicaragua

In 2008, we launched on a multi-year “Green Global Trek”. For years we had yearned for the freedom to sculpt a more nomadic lifestyle, once our four teen-age boys would be off to college. We prepared the terrain, gradually, by doing some research about potential launch points for our global trek and decided on Nicaragua …more

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Retiring in Mexico: Making Lemonade When Handed Lemons

Mike and I had a dream plan for retirement with living 6 months in our home in the mountains of WA and 6 months of living and/or traveling in other countries, exploring the world. But quickly that dream faded away with the economic crash in 2008. We had a successful real estate business in a …more

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The Gift of Travel

Don turned 65 in October 2007 and thoughts of wanting to retire and travel more began to take precedence over his former enthusiasm for his work as a private-practice neuropsychologist. However, because of some very poor financial decisions we’d made a couple of years earlier he was not in a position to retire, so he …more

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Moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand

After the financial debacle of 2008 and the aftermath that created different lifestyles for many people in the US, I was forced to seek a place to retire outside of the US that would allow me the opportunity to live a dignified, adventure-filled life. I read a few online articles about “The 10 best places …more

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Choosing the Right Retirement Destination in South America

If you are contemplating a move to South America for your retirement, here are some helpful tips and things to think about. Retirement living for expats in South America is becoming a popular trend, now that baby boomers in the USA and other countries are realizing the many benefits that retirement overseas can bring. There …more

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Retire in Cuenca

Great International Retirement Locations Cuenca, Ecuador Retirement Description:   Cuenca is located in the highlands at about 8000 feet above sea level. Because of its many historical buildings the center of the city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Trust site. The available water, moderate climate and rich soil enabled early indigenous people to …more

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