In Buenos Aires, the cost of living is much cheaper than in the US, and affordable healthcare is available. One thing you may need to get used to is exchanging money on the street, since the unofficial rate is much better than the official rate.

There are a fair number of locals in Buenos Aires and even outside of the capital who speak English well. Even in the countryside, English is spoken – especially in hotels, restaurants, and other locations where tourists are frequent. Even so, it is recommended that you invest in a Spanish class or two. Learning the basics of how to bargain, how to ask for directions, and how to order a meal will greatly improve your enjoyment of living abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.

Retiring in Uruguay

Although many North Americans seldom hear about Uruguay, and it is such a small country in South America, it is another popular destination for retirees. The country is stable economically and politically, and is made up mostly of farmland, golden beaches, and cities with waterfront views.

Montevideo faces the Rio de la Plata, and is only a short ferry ride away from Buenos Aires. The town of Colonia del Sacramento is where you’ll find colorful cafes, restaurants, hotels, cobbled streets, old-fashioned cars, and great wine tasting. The Golden Coast, including Punta del Este, offers gorgeous beaches.

José Mujica is the incumbent president of Uruguay, and he is representative of the generous and kind spirit of the country. He has been called the world’s poorest president, apparently donating 90% of his salary to charities. He lives on a farm and drives a VW Beetle.

The cost of living is very affordable, as is real estate and health care. Another positive aspect of living in Uruguay is that it is fairly easy to establish residency and obtain a passport.

Retiring in South America

Ecuador, Argentina, and Uruguay are just three of the top places to retire in South America. But wherever you choose to retire, remember how valuable it will be to visit these places first, and make sure that you enjoy the culture, the people, and all
the other aspects of living abroad that matter to you.

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