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Volunteering during retirement

Recently a friend returned from a Peace Corps volunteering assignment overseas. At first glance she seemed to be the same person I last saw two years ago. But as she described her experiences abroad I realized that she had a much broader perspective about many things especially related to how little some people have, how …more

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Daily Snapshot – Part Time Jobs and Volunteering

: Part time government jobs and volunteering opportunities. Part Time Government Jobs Transportation Security Officer Chaplin Physician Administrative Support Assistant Housekeeping Aid click for additional information and other searches for Government and non-Government jobs. Government Volunteering Opportunities Campground Host Visitor Center Attendant and Host Operations and Maintenance support Assistant Park Host Ambassadors Tour Guide click …more

Volunteering Basics

Recent research suggests that retired adults who are involved in community and social activities are more likely to extend their physical and mental well being than those who do not engage in these activities.   Volunteering addresses two vital needs:   The extension of well being for retired adults. Providing much needed services to those …more


It’s Never Too Late

Fortunately, we were gifted with good genes at birth. We’ve kept persistently active walking and hiking, running marathons. And now still feeling pretty peppy, as we travel through our ‘sevens’. That doesn’t mean that the age-old (or is it, old age) pesky questions fail to creep in at times. They try, if you let them. …more

We’re on the Road to Volunteer?

Where did I leave off last time? Oh, yes … it was June, 2015. Once again I was learning why God doesn’t always let us know what lies ahead around the bend. The first day on the road to Wimberley, Texas, heading west on I20 in our recently purchased old vintage motor home was a …more

Lets Hit the Road to Where?

~You cannot discover new roads until you’re willing to lose sight of your front door~ Since retiring, do you plan for your future, or do you go-with-the-flow? Rob and I decided when we got married thirty-some years ago to never plan too far ahead. Why? Because every time we planned, something else would come up …more

Celebrate Older Americans Month – May 2019

May is Older Americans Month! Each year, the Administration on Community Living (ACL) within the Federal government sponsors this month of recognition with a theme that changes from year to year. Whether you are one of our more than 49 million older Americans or if your aim is to join their ranks in the future, …more

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