When I mention how downsizing has given Rob and me a sense of freedom, our friends of all ages shake their heads and agree they need to begin this tedious process someday. “Does your family really want to go through your stuff when you’re gone?” I ask. Everyone has answered a sad No, or a Heck no! But it’s when I explain the art of death cleaning that I gain their undivided attention, and they mark their calendars to begin their dostadning process.

Retirement on Lake Murray

So I suggest asking your family, “Is there something special that you want when I’m gone?”  Invite them to come over. If they live in another town or state, send them photos. Either give your treasures to them now, or set the special items aside with their nametag. My daughter wants my ice skate tree. That’s it. But she can’t have it until I’m gone. No one is interested in my priceless treasures that I’ve collected in my travels to various countries. They’ll probably be tossed to the wind, but that’s okay because I’ll be heaven-bound so it won’t matter to me at all.

I know what you’re thinking. The RED* community has better things to do with their time. However, the New Year is a good time to begin your personal dostadning.  Hopefully, it won’t take you the whole year to complete this simplifying project. You have more daring things to do, right? I’ve tossed my last hot dress into a green garbage bag, and as I sit on my patio admiring the sun setting over the lake, I’m asking God … What Now?

Until next time, I wish my fellow REDs oceans of neat closets and tidy drawers!

*RED: Retired-Extremely-Daring

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