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My Retirement Plan – Fully Executed with New and Authentic Life Experiences

About two years ago, at age 63, I realized it was time to create a meaningful retirement plan. My 30+ year, very rewarding career in sales and management was winding down. My pension was set so I was lucky that I had flexibility. Retire? But to what? I don’t play golf, crochet, play bridge or …more

Crucial Conversations— We’re Still in This Together (continued)

In a previous post (“Retirement and Good Living” March 15, 2016) entitled Crucial Conversations—We’re All in this Together, I made the case for the importance of discussing your retirement plans with those closest to you. The elevator speech about why this matters goes something like this. “I’m going to retire. What I decide to do …more

Another Year: Another Memorial Day

Green! That is what I remember most about that day; the vastness of the empty space, the long trudge to the grave site, and the green lawn sprawling out in all directions. What a lonely place, I remember thinking, for my grandfather to be laid to rest. I was seventeen years old and had just …more

Find An Umbrella When You Retire!

Moving is never an easy activity. When you’ve retired and are planning the rest of your life, it becomes more of a burden—both physical and emotional. On a psychological scale, moving, divorce and death in the family are a three-way tie for being the most difficult of life’s occurrences. We were quite young (it’s all …more

Crucial Conversations, We’re All in This Together

Almost a decade ago, I was in a retirement life planning workshop. Everyone was asked to share their name and why they were attending the workshop. When it came his turn, one gentleman stood and said, “Hi, my name is Joe Smith. I’m here because I’m retiring in three months and I want to get …more

Getting Better with Age: Women embrace sexual desire and build sexual confidence

Through the course of research for my book I spoke with 95 heterosexual women between the ages of 20 and 68 about how their sexual desire and sexual confidence developed and evolved during their lives. As they grew older, women experienced changing definitions of sexuality—both in their own sexual desire and their understanding of desirability …more

Vietnam – The Forgotten Cemetery

“Vietnam was what we had instead of happy childhoods”. (MICHAEL HERR) Editor’s Note: The following is a post about one man’s journey for answers about life, death, love and war. Although lengthy we believe it is well worth reading the entire post. When I was a child growing-up in my native Edinburgh during the late …more

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Couple resolves relationship issues in retirement

I’ve never believed in the idea of sacrificing now to plan ahead so I could retire. I thought I would just work until the day I died. I’ve always practiced “live for today,” while Alan (my mate) did some of that, but he, a stockbroker, practiced what he preached, and prepared for retirement. Alan is …more

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