Author: Dr. Eva Mor

Suggestions to improve your quality of life

If someone were to ask how we would like to see ourselves in the later years of our lives, most of us would respond: independent, healthy, and active. This is not such a far-fetched dream as had been for our parents, and even they achieved those ambitions from time to time. The life expectancy today …more

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13 Rules to Avoid the Scamming Game

Last year over 75 billion dollars were lost to the scamming of Americans of all ages. Many of them are too embarrassed to report the scamming, thinking it is their fault. It is not. We all are fairly easy targets. The key is to be alert to the techniques of the scammers and prevent becoming …more

10 Suggestions to Avoid Retirement Planning Mistakes

Statistics show that women live longer than men, on the average 8-10 years longer and 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Being prepared to manage finances wisely is essential particularly when it comes to retirement. Unfortunately many make mistakes when planning for retirement and women tend to be less prepared than men. While many …more

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